My favorite local restaurants never have a website.

And, if they do, it’s like…not really worth having. Often, they haven’t been updated since 2015.

That’s a problem if you ask me.

These small local eateries are often what brings a city it’s character. That bar on the corner is where the college kids go to hang out. The oldies prefer the one on the other end of the street but that’s okay. And you can’t go a week without a burger from the place in between. If you live here, you have your favorite local place to eat - and it ain’t a corporate chain restaurant.

Here’s the problem.

Those very restaurants are at a disadvantage compared with their chain restaurant peers. Corporations have teams of web developers that take care of the web presence for the local Wendy’s franchisee. That’s something that your local restaurant owner doesn’t have.

He has to try to make a website himself (or not try at all). So, now on top of all of the demands of being a local restaurant owner, he or she has to be a part-time web developer. Frankly, I don’t think that it’s fair that the franchisee has this massive advantage over our local restaurateur.

That doesn’t mean people that like the local restaurant aren’t hungry, though.

Trust me; we’re still looking for a good meal. The thing is that, more and more often, our first reflex is to hit a Google search or type “food” into maps. Here’s where the local restaurant is at it’s massive disadvantage. They either don’t come up in a search at all or their website is so weakly put together that they may as well not have one at all. Meanwhile, the McDonald’s site has everything that I need to know about their local franchise and more.

Here’s the solution.

Say hello to Comero.

Comero, developed and maintained by Shewperman Web & Software Development, allows any restaurant owner to have a professionally designed and developed website for as little as $50 per month. All the restaurant has to do is make sure that they give us a few key pieces of information about their restaurant and we’ll do the rest.

As easy as filling out any form.

Fill in the boxes for what’s on your menu, what your hours are, your location, and give us a nice copy of your logo and one sweet picture to use as a background. That’s it.

In about 15 minutes, your local restaurant has a professional website.

And you know what a professional website gets you? More business. Yes, you spent $50 to have your website for this month - but imagine how much business you picked up just because your mouthwatering menu was available on the most widely used resource in history?

Want your website?

Let’s get you started. Send us your email address on the Comero page and we’ll get to work on helping your restaurant be more professional, more available, and doing more business today.